a mother's day miracle

after a disappointing saturday when the tractor guy was supposed to come by but didn't, i felt adrift in loss of ground.  i felt like yet another weekend was going to pass us by without measurable progress.  i threw a bit of a tizzy, and then let it wash over me.  i got over myself, and got some more transplanting completed, including the peonies which were hopelessly tangled in their pit.  but there's nothing i love more than a good organizing of roots via hacking, so i hoped for the best and stabbed away.  after that, i felt much better.

sunday i woke up to a beautiful mother's day card from my sweet son, and sun!  though it was a bit windy, we decided to grab bagels and coffee and head out to the beach for a breakfast picnic.  we met friends there, and while the kids jumped off a giant pile of seaweed, we adults got to relax and chat.

we headed home to warm up, and lo and behold, the tractor was working in the yard!  i couldn't believe my eyes as our uneven yard started to take shape.  i love it when a plan comes together.

it's amazing how fast our trusty guy works.  we got both the perennial and vegetable areas smoothed out, plus a drainage pipe laid at the end of our driveway with a connector to our well that overflows.

hubs and one of our guys putting in the 4" drainage pipe across the driveway

some very satisfying befores and afters:

veggie area before: note root stock apple, w.t. dirt pile, general malaise

veggie area after: note beauty, flatness, and a relaxed feeling

veggie side, different before view

different after view, can you envision the espaliered pears as a fence?

and finally, the aerial views

breathtaking, isn't it?

perennial side, before, note: spruce=curved driveway

cleanliness is next to jennliness

i'm so excited i'm about to burst.  now hubs and the boy are going to make me one million raised beds that i can fill with stuff.  i think the strawberry plants want to get out of the fridge...

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