omg! omg! omg!

i have been waiting for this moment since about 3 seconds after moving into this house.  the ugly, brown, matted, scratchy, pooped on (yes, our cat) carpet is gone.  major sigh of relief.  my loathing of this carpet has been palpable.  i wouldn't even let our baby boy lie on it.  it gave me the major heebs.  but now that i've ripped it all up, i can see...ugly plywood.  but that's okay.  i'm hoping to sand and paint it this weekend and then get an area rug in there.  we'll do something more permanent with the next upgrade.  [snicker]

the equipment:  headphones, sippy cup, blankie, christmas kitty cat

my equipment, complete with construction yoga pants

it was actually pretty easy.  possibly because my body was hyped on the thought of having it out.  but the key was that red carpet ripping knife.  very, very sharp.  as he was leaving the house knowing that i was potentially going to have at it, hubs said to me, "don't like hurt yourself with that knife.  you're the only adult home, okay?"  have i mentioned that i love demo?  hooray!  i was determined to have it done with by trash day, and hubs just hauled it to the curb.  good, freekin riddance.

and i also got the walls painted.  i spent so much time hemming and hawing about what direction to go.  at first i was thinking camels, taupes, tans.  then i think i was influenced by all the grays i've been seeing in the interior dec blogs i've been crawling lately for inspiration.  in my mind i was seeing a warm gray.  something with brown and purpley undertones.  my gut went with "barefoot bay" 197-1 from mythic paint.  at first blush (?), i'm thinking it's too purpley, but hubs keeps insisting that it's great.  what he actually said when the first coat went on was, "wow, it's like a grown up color!".  hmmm.  i think it will look really good when the cherry wood bed is in there, along with a possible new dark brown chair.

hey, looky - no effin cow!

painting also made us notice how crappy the trim looks.  the previous owner (the second to own the house) decided that slapping a coat of white oil-based paint over all the exposed wood in the house made it look better.  yeah, no primer.  and really, just SLAPPED the paint on.  so you can see all the knots, and streaks of the wood underneath.  sigh.  we'll fix the window trim when we install new windows sometime in the very near future.  the baseboards may have to just get another half-asser coat of white glossy.  hey, rome wasn't built in a day.