file under progress

yes, progress.  we're 90% of the way there on the new guest room.  and, excepting the photos that are on their way that may grace the walls, this is where we may stay on this room for a little while.  we got the walls painted, the floor patched and painted, the new area rug in, the bed moved in, and a new chair and ottoman purchased and set down.

jenny installing carpet pad - equipment:  comfy yellow socks, extremely sharp knife, plumber's crack

new carpet trial runs

new carpet happy dancing

here are some extraordinarily satisfying befores and afters:

before corner as you enter

after corner as you enter (yeah, lamp needs a table, relax)

before back corner

after back corner, boy checking out functionality of ottoman

ahhhh.  now the boy has a place to "put his babies to sleep" in the ottoman that opens up for storage.

obviously, we're going to need some curtains, a table for the lamp, cool shit on the walls, and some bedside lighting of some sort.  all in good time...

for now, a sigh of relief.  now, if we could only unload the mammoth couch from the living room to make room for the chairs that we got to replace it, the we could de-clutter the media room enough to actually use that room.  and the shell game continues.

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  1. a chainsaw can make quick work of the couch...