quick photo project

we have a large living room that needs a ton of design/redecorating tlc.  in the meantime between now and when we're ready to do a large renovation, we decided that one of the large, white walls had to go.  so i gathered up a collection of quasi-abstract photos i've taken, framed them up, and voila, we have a better looking wall!

i am, by no means a hardcore photographer.  i have a point-and-shoot that i love for its small size and ease of use.  eventually i'd love to have the time, money and patience to use a better camera.  but for now, an inexpensive camera that i take everywhere works great for me.

i fiddle with the original photos a teeny bit in photoshop elements.  i crop, convert to black and white, fuzz things out a bit.  then i upload all of my photos to snapfish.com for developing.  these are all 8X10 size.  i like how some of them are matted and some aren't.

the hardest part of this project was the measuring.  because they are not all the same frame, and the spacing is more what looked good to my eye than any sort of round number, it was hard to know where to pound in the nail.  make sure that you have lots of coffee humming in your system before attempting the measuring and math.  or have as your helper, a kind, patient, willing husband who is superfreekinhandy.  that's what i did.

ahh, that's better.

later this year (???) there will hopefully be paint on the walls, a fireplace in the room, and a piano.  yeah.

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