dig it!

i should have, first of all, maybe told all my avid readers (thanks, hubs) why i'm doing this blog.  i want to document the shenanigans at our homestead.  the stuff inside, the stuff out.  mostly to feel like i'm actually getting something done, as this is not a regular occurrence for a stay at home mom with a toddler about.  it will be nice to look back in a few months or years and see where we came from and that something did actually get accomplished.  it's so hard to see that in the dailies, isn't it?

i'm inspired by the lovely blogger dig this chick.  if you don't already follow her, please get there quickly.  http://www.digthischickmt.com/  she's so inspirational.  her pictures are beautiful, her kids are sweet, and she has a rockin etsy shop as well.

anyway, she is the force behind virgin harvest (see button to right), and i thought it was such a cool idea, that i wanted to fully participate.  thus the blog.

now to stop fiddling with the blog and sleep...

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