serious tomatoes

oh yeah, it's on.  yo, check out my stash for today:

with these tomatoes i made a double batch of the dean and deluca pasta sauce, and will either can the rest as-is, or i just remembered how freakin delish the d&d minestrone is.  might have to go that route after a quick stop to the farm stand for some green beans.

previous to this harvest, i've already made a double batch of the d&d sauce (3 pints in the freezer) and a triple batch of this roasted tomato chipotle salsa (3 + pints canned).  run, don't walk to this recipe from 101 cookbooks.  the only thing i changed was omitting the hot peppers (for mild baby boy palettes), and adding some roasted corn to satisfy my need to add corn to every meal.  for the next batch, i may also add in some cumin and/or marjoram.

of note with the tomatoes, had some hornworm problems for a few weeks, late july and early august.  we were picking off at least a few each day, and man do they go to town!  effers.  lost at least a few dozen toms to them.  interestingly, they much preferred the slicers and cherry varieties, leaving the romas alone for the most part.  they seem to be gone now.  good riddance.

also had what i think was early blight, which makes my plants look pretty bad, but i don't know how harmful it is to tom production.  will have to read up on that for next year.

early blight hit hard late july

hi, i'm cute

took in all the cauliflower.  it didn't look too appetizing to me (why did they all turn purple and get so leggy???), so i decided to just steam it all and make fake mashed potatoes with them.  butter and salt cure all veggie woes...  lots of leftovers, so i may end up putting them into something else.  i think you can use mashed potatoes as a substitute for fats, so we'll see how that goes.

also took in the first "early" cabbage.  it was gnawed by something last night (only the one head), but i think i can salvage most of it for the aforementioned minestrone.  is that gross?

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