progress in june

boring post alert...

we've been making slow progress on the driveway now that the veggies are rockin out.  here's hubs doing the hard work of digging out the dirt to straighten my path out of the garage:

dig, honey, dig!  note:  new (to us) truck!

sidenote:  we acquired hubs' dreamboat of a truck.  he tried calling it clifford, the big red truck, but it can only be called the b.l.t. - big loud truck.  it's diesel, and he loves it.  it's very useful.  the boy loves it, too.  i love what it does for our yard.

then we got a massive pile of gravel/stone dust mix delivered.  yeah, 14 yards.  as hubs pointed out, "it never goes as far as you think it will."  at first i didn't believe him, but then he started shoveling.

no cars parked in garage, just the bubble mower surveying our progress

the gravel is to help bring up the level of the driveway at the street, as well as widen it to straighten it.  the bulk of the pile, though, is to line the walkways in the veggie garden.

everyone is helping out

biiiiiiig pile of gravel
 first we're putting down construction grade landscape fabric so the inherent rocks have a harder time migrating north.  then we'll pile a couple inches of gravel onto that, then, if we can find a local dealer of pea stone, we'll put a few inches of that on top.

i don't know why this makes me think of a fashion show catwalk, but it does

the drip irrigation system is in place and i couldn't be happier!  it's awesome!  hubs nerded out and made it so that we can turn on and off different rows of beds.  what's great about this tinker toys-esque system, is that it's super flexible.  if we wanted each bed to have its own shut off valve, we could easily splice it in.  that will be for garden 2.0.

the herb garden is doing well.  lots of growth due to some nice warm weather.

ok, the photo sucks, but the effect is nice - lots of greeeeeeeeeen

nice work, there, cilantro.  now what the eff do i do with this much cilantro at once?

ah, hello, basil?  what the eff?  your game is weak.  step it up.

four borage seeds = scratchy scariness!

morning glories are liking their new pot and bamboo stakes.  i actually see some buds!

sweet bay potted up.  failed on centering it.  sigh.
so, projects for this weekend will be:

transplant three of the borage animals somewhere else
transplant more marigolds into the tomato beds
put hay on strawberries and tomatoes and maybe other veggies
finish putting gravel onto the walkways
fertilize veggies with pro grow
get the house buttoned up for a week away!

happy 4th!  and as hubs' grandad used to say, the summer is over after the 4th...

i think (and am hoping) not.

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